Many people don’t know how to get started when hiring a lawyer to assist them with their Social Security Disability case. They don’t know how the fee structure works for attorneys. They are not sure what to bring to an appointment. Overall, many people are intimidated to just make the initial call. This article will help you better understand the process and get you ready to have an attorney assist you in getting the disability benefits you need.


When meeting with our clients, we first determine whether they are engaged in substantial gainful activity. Those capable of performing “substantial gainful activity” under the guidelines of Social Security Administration are those people working near the full-time level and earning over the statutory amount set be the Social Security Administration. Substantial gainful activity would be when an individual is capable of earning over the monthly threshold set by the social security administration as outlined in the table listed. The substantial gainful activity amount for those with disabilities excluding blindness is $1,260.00  per month in the year 2020. For individuals who are blind, the threshold is $2,110.00 per month.

You may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits and with the current state of the economy, the Social Security Administration is denying most initial application. Fortunately, there are ways that we can help you appeal that decision. The most beneficial information for us to be able to determine if we can help you receive an approval would be medical evidence. We need to be able to determine if your condition prevents you from working under the guidelines provided by Social Security Administration. We also need to determine how long your condition has lasted or is expected to last. If your condition is life threatening or expected to end in death within one year, we can make additional arguments for your disability benefits on an expedited basis for compassionate care. You should always have an official diagnosis from a doctor before submitting a claim.

Time is of the Essence

If you have already submitted a claim for disability and been denied and you think you still qualify for benefit, you need to contact us as soon as possible because you only have 60 days to appeal this decision. If your 60 days has past we can still help, however the process of the application will need to start from the beginning again. Retaining an experienced attorney can make all the difference between your claim being denied or approved for your disability benefits. Studies show that individuals who have a qualifying condition and are represented by an attorney are three times more likely to be approved for disability benefits.

Here at the Law Office of Jonathan W. Cole we take disability cases on a contingency basis, so you will not have to pay anything out of pocket. We also provide free in person consultations to help you determine if you have a basis for a claim or appeal. We will be able to facilitate the process of your claim or appeal, taking the stress off you in obtaining medical records and following up on the processing of your application or appeal. Please call us to schedule an appointment for your free consultation so that we may help you put your mind at ease so you can focus on healing and the betterment of your life.

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