Elder Law

How an experienced elder law lawyer can help

You may have a spouse, parent, or loved one who is entering the senior years of their lives or want to plan for their golden years. We can assist you with planning for long term care or residency in an assisted living facility. Many families are uncertain of the rules for Medicaid. We can help you navigate everything from gathering documents for the application to counseling you on exempt transfers in order to preserve your assets. The key to asset preservation and good care is proper planning. Call us now to ensure you can have the future you want.

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Elder Law Attorney

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Long Term Health Care

Long Term Health Care can quickly deplete the savings of even the most prepared people. Nursing home care costs can easily amount to $120,000 per year.

Long term health care planning is best provided for through long term care insurance.  If this option is not available, asset preservation may be possible where no long term care insurance is in place.

Current laws may allow an individual to qualify for Medicaid benefits to pay for long term health care while significant assets are retained for a spouse or family. Early planning is the only way to help preserve your hard earned assets.


Medicaid Planning


The Law Office of Jonathan W. Cole can assist you with your Medicaid application and help you preserve the maximum amount of assets while still qualifying for Medicaid benefits. Without proper legal advice, you may waste more assets than were actually required, to receive Medicaid benefits.

At the Law Office of Jonathan W. Cole, we can show you how to make sure your loved one receives the care he or she needs without impoverishing your family or their spouse. We’ll help you preserve as much of your assets as possible through special needs trusts, property transfers, and other elder law tools. The sooner you start Medicaid planning, the more options you will have to preserve your hard-earned assets.




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