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Do you have a loved one who does not have the legal or mental capacity to make personal decisions or to handle their finances? A guardianship may be the best option to provide for that person. The Illinois Probate law governs guardianships. The Probate Act allows for the creation of guardians for disabled adults and minors. In addition, a guardian may act in representative capacity over a person or the estate of the disabled person or both.

Illinois law allows for an adjudication of disability by a judge. A judge, after reviewing the case, can appoint you to be a representative of a disabled person. Call the number above to find out how the Law office of Jonathan W. Cole can help.

The process for appointing a guardian requires a good deal of work and the proper skills to navigate through the crowded probate courts. Very specific documents must be gathered and presented, such as a doctor's report outlining the disabled person's disability. The Law Office of Jonathan W. Cole can represent you before the court to expedite and ease the guardianship process.

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